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Ceramic Pro Minneapolis

Restore. Preserve. Maintain. It’s what we do best. When it comes to your car, we utilize proven technologies to achieve the best protection. Our restoration services focus on detailing and paint correction to achieve ultimate gloss and the best first impression. Our preservation services utilize Ceramic Pro and Suntek window tint or Xpel clear bra films to help protect from the elements. Our maintenance services provide the safest, easiest, and most convenient car wash to be found in Minneapolis.

Why Clear Bra?

Clear Bra is the end of the road when it comes to heavy duty paint protection. It is a thick, flexible film installed over your vehicle’s paint that helps prevent damage from rock chips and scratching.  We instal only the best Suntek Clear Bra film that comes with a ten year warranty!

There are several options for clear bra packages, but it’s fundamental purpose is to prevent rock chips. Thus it is best to protect the leading edges of your vehicle that are most prone to rock chips. All of our clear bra packages include a coat of Ceramic Pro’s SEMA award winning PPF & Vinyl ceramic coating. We can protect any exterior area and customize any package to suit your needs. Call us today!

Why Us?

Paint Correction

All our clear bra packages include the necessary paint correction process before the clear bra is installed. This ensures micro-scratches and swirls are removed so that only the crispest, clearest, glossiest surface is preserved. No other Twin Cities clear bra installer does this!

Full Panels

We aggressively incentivise all our clients to receive full panel clear bra packages only. This ensures seamless installs that are near invisible that allow you to forget we even put it on.

Ceramic Pro Included

We coat all our clear bra with Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl products. This seemingly small step makes an unparalleled experience when it comes to maintenance of your clear bra! Enhances gloss, adds even more UV protection, and makes the clear bra hydrophobic, allowing for super simple cleaning!

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